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Why Çorum?

The industry, which continuously develops innovative and innovative solutions, makes it attractive in terms of investments with its strong local capital, natural and historical values, strategic location and wide economic hinterland.

Proximity to the capital Ankara

Proximity to Samsun Port

The most vibrant industrial city in TR83 Region

In 2009-2020 period, 395 incentive certificated investors (3,2 billion TL investment and 8.180 additional employment)

Corum TechnoPark, with an area of approximately 17.000 m2 area was established in 2013 with the support of Middle Black Sea Development Agency (26 Offices in Total, 6 Rentable Offices)

2 R&D Centers operated by private sector companies (Ece Banyo / Glass and Ceramic Products, Alapala / Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing)    

In the last 10 years 27th Rank at Patent Application (196 Patent Applications),  27th Rank at Patent Registration with its 32 Registered Patents (Ranked 2nd in TR83 Provinces)

In the last 10 10 years, 92 utility model application, 68 Registered Utility Model (Ranked 2nd in TR83 Provinces)

In the last 10 years, 1.459 Registered Trademarks and 401 Registered Design

2 private and 14 public hospital, 1.662 hospital beds (32st Rank in Turkey)

10 registered accommodation facilities, 1.086 beds

The first 5-star hotel in the region

1 shopping center, 2 theaters, 19 cinema halls


Çorum, The Power of Local Capital

The industrialization move, which started with the production of brick and tile in addition to food production in Çorum, has moved up to the next level with the emergence of the machinery sector and the local capital has become stronger and has become an entrepreneurial economy full of opportunities taking innovative steps.

Culture and Conjugation of Tourism Çorum

With its 15 thousand-year history and its proximity to central trade routes, Çorum has maintained its importance in all periods of history, and offers attractive opportunities for tourism, natural values and tourism investments.

Views from Çorum

A small section from Çorum, which is home to thousands of years old civilizations, has a great investment potential with its nature, developing economy and industry.


Investment base Çorum

Çorum is an industrial city that embraces the local and investors with its regional location incentives.

Regions Anatolian Tiger

Çorum has been an entrepreneur and innovative Anatolian city which has realized its industrialization with its own facilities and has adapted to the sectoral transformation in the last 50 years. The province is a global player candidate with access to the whole world with a foreign trade volume exceeding 400 million dollars.

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  • Besides its history and cultural tourism, Çorum has a multifaceted tourism potential such as nature, thermal, plateau and hunting tourism.

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